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Katy Home Security

Katy Home Security- Burglary Crime Statistics

Why would you need the services of Katy Home Security?

It is no secret that the community in Katy, TX remains a stellar community to build a home and raise a family. However, no community is immune to the effects of property crime. CityRating.com states that the property crime rates in Katy were higher than the national average by 46.16% in 2010. The projected data for 2012 estimates 76 incidents of burglary this year in the community.

This is surprising in a community like this, but where new homes are built, property crimes often follow. However, it is also stated that 60% of attempted burglaries are foiled by a home security system. Protect your most precious assets- your home and your family- with Katy Home Security’s 24-Hour Alarm Monitoring services.

The protection does not stop at burglary prevention, either. Katy Home Security provides the finest home security system options at the best value in town. Our alarms offer protection from burglaries, fire emergencies, and panic button activated medical emergencies as well. Our spectrum of home alarm system options mean quick, local response. Seconds count when emergencies arise. Give your family the quick response that a home security system in Katy can provide.

Katy Home Security- Home Alarm Systems and Burglary

Katy Home Security can protect your family for as low as $17.95 a month. For less than the cost of a full tank of gas, you can ensure the safety of your home and family from burglar intrusion. The following statistics speak for themselves.

• There were 72 incidents of burglary in 2010
• The incidents of burglary in 2012 are estimated to increase to 76.
• The chance of being victim to property crime in Katy, TX is 1 in 15.
• Katy, TX is cited to be 3% safer than other cities in the US

Victims of burglary loose more than their property after a home invasion. They often report that they feel the loss of their peace of mind. The answer, according to police officers, is to protect your home with a home security system. 90% of Houston police officers believe that home security systems are an effective way to deter potential burglars.

Katy Home Security is the best value in local home alarm systems. When you partner with Katy Home Security, you are protecting your home with-

• Interior sirens to let you know if a burglar tries to enter.
• User-friendly digital control panels.
• Yard signs or window decals to let potential intruders know that your home is protected (without compromising your home’s aesthetic integrity).
• 24-Hour home alarm monitoring service with a local dispatch office.

Katy Home Security- Quick Response for Fire Emergencies

Every home should have a smoke alarm. These devices save lives because their piercing sound lets everyone in the home know that there is smoke present.

However, if no one is home, who will hear the smoke alarms go off?

As part of your local home security system, Katy Home Security installs digital smoke alarms into your home. These state-of-the-art devices are connected to your home security system. If they are activated by smoke, the digital smoke alarm will send a signal directly to the 24-Hour home alarm monitoring service. Trained dispatchers will asses the emergency, contact HFD, and contact you about the incident.

Katy Home Security- Panic Buttons for Medical Emergencies

Seconds count in medical emergencies. If you or your family member suffers a stroke, heart attack, seizure, or other medical emergency that makes them unable to call 911, Katy Home Security’s panic button system can save their life.

When a panic button is activated, the signal is sent to the 24-Hour home alarm monitoring service. Trained, local dispatchers will asses the emergency, and then they will contact the proper authorities.

A Katy Home Security local home alarm system means that you do not waste time calling 911, explaining your emergency, and giving your location. When you or your family’s life is hanging on precious seconds, activating the panic button guarantees swift and efficient emergency response.

The Katy Home Security Advantage

Don’t wait to be a statistic or a story on the evening news. You can take your family and home’s safety into your own hands. Katy Home Security offers free consultation and free installation.

Katy Home Security is your local solution to a local problem. Contact us today to schedule free local home security system installation, 1-877-723-3006.


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